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Action for M.E. and AYME Survey 2008 – Results

Posted by Action for M.E. on May 4, 2008

This website presents the findings of our 2008 survey, to which 2763 people responded (1799 in hard copy, 964 online).

As with any survey of this type, respondents were self-selecting, therefore they cannot be assumed to be representative without systematic sampling to avoid intrinsic bias. Over 59% of respondents have had the illness for more than five years and of those, 34% have been ill for over 10 years, so the sample could be skewed to reflect the experiences of people who have been ill for a long time.

You can navigate between the following results :-

1. About You
2. Your M.E.
3. Your Current GP and Your M.E.
4. Specialist Health Services for M.E.
5. Treatments / Symptom Management
6. Welfare Benefits and Social Support
7. Additional Analysis

using the tabs towards the top of this page. Alternatively, all of the results can be found in the ‘Survey 2008’ tab.

The various slides are a little small in their embedded versions on these pages but if you click on the ‘Slideshare’ link on the bottom right of the slides you will be taken to the Slideshare site where you have the option of viewing a full screen version. You also have the option to download the presentations as a PDF document.

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